Garage Conversion

This was a project to convert a 2-car garage to a warm, useful utility/music room at an affordable rate.

The existing garage had a makeshift partition on the inside of the large doors but were very inefficient at holding heat as they were old wooden doors and would not open or close. A clothes washer and dryer were located in the room and needed constant heat so they wouldn’t freeze.

Due to cost, the doors were replaced by studding and insulation and finished inside to match the existing ¼” OSB. The outside of the garage doors were taken apart and used as simulated doors, with a pass door installed in the original garage door. The ceiling insulation was 10” of blown in insulation. A new/used side window was installed, as the original had been broken and plastic’d over. Flooring was Dricore insulated subfloor panels with click flooring installed over.

This room can now be heated very easily with a small space heater.

A stage was also added in for the musicians.

A ramp was installed as the owner is a caregiver and he can now enjoy his lifelong musical passion.

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