Why Do You Need A Handyman?

For reasons why you may require Scottie The Handyman services, Scottie has created a list of questions and comments for you to ponder.

Scottie The Handyman Cartoon

Do you have a list of items that need finishing? Is your Honey Do List growing, or you just don’t have time? Scottie is your friend indeed, old school skills with decades of experience, connected with all trades.

Do you have a project that was started, but never finished, or it stalled, because of no direction or no time, or forces out of your control?  Do they seem to take forever, months or even years to finish? Don’t feel like you are the only one this happens to; we admire the initiative and can help… it takes a little time and push to put it all together and finish. The end feelings are those of accomplishment and pride. “I JUST WANT TO GET IT DONE” are wishes that can become reality.

Are there times you just need a skilled experienced craftsman with every tool out there? Shelves are falling, interior doors are sticking, or not locking properly?

Do you have windows that are sticking or latches broken?

How about an appliance that has never really worked optimally or to your liking?

How about in your back yard shed that has an engine that needs attention, your snowblower, tiller, lawnmower, lawn trimmer, outboard, inboard/outboard? With years of experience as a small engine tech and marine tech we have knowledge that will get you moving forward.

Do you need a paint refresh in a room? There is nothing that feels better than a fresh coat of paint.

Is your bathroom up to snuff? How about the shower curtains, or the bathroom taps that never seem to stop dripping, or the sink drain or floor drain that doesn’t work well? Is your bathtub drain slow?

Do your toilets flush properly?

Sump Pumps should be working optimally or you risk a flood.

Are your Christmas lights still up and you want them down? Or maybe you want to book a time to install your Christmas lights next year? Without the right tools, it could be dangerous.

Possibly you have dark areas in your home that just need an extra light, or a dimmer, or a bulb changed.

Do you have cold uninsulated rooms that you could use if only they were habitable?

Do you need things to be sorted out and recycled?

Is your baseboard in need of attention? Or do you need a fresh eye on where to add shelves, or boot racks? We can do minor carpentry with state-of-the-art tools, for fabrication and repairs.

How much time off would you need to do all those things to just keep treading water?

Are you overwhelmed by ‘to do’ lists? Are things breaking faster than you can fix them? Can you afford to replace it all with brand new stuff? Or do you just need it to work?

OUTSIDE WORK: Trees continually grow and need pruning, Hedges get out of control, brush needs removing, Garbage needs picking up and disposing/recycling. Yards just need some TLC. Are your fences and gates in need of repair?

FILTERS: how often do you replace your filters? In a home today there are furnace filters, drinking water filters, vacuum filters, air conditioner filters, appliance filters, etc.… do we have time to change these?

SAFETY IN THIS DAY AND AGE: A surveillance system is one of the best investments and crime deterrence a home owner can do. There are endless systems that work well to keep you informed to your smart device what is going on at home. We are well versed in technical set up and functionality and draw from years of experience.

Do you have Wi-Fi dead spots in your home? There are a number of inexpensive ways to boost your Wi-Fi signal.