Mud Room Re-Organize

This is a project that took a heavily trafficked area off a garage and made it purposeful and efficient. Normally it was a dumping ground for boots, coats, gloves and hats, from all seasons. Items that should have been recycled were stored for years beyond their usefulness, in boxes that no one knew they were there.  When the hard barriers are in place for proper storage, and it is all visible, it takes care of itself with minimal maintenance.

The first project was to cover up the mechanical area of the mud room…the furnace, the soft water conditioner, the hot water tank and the like, yet have full access to it in an instant if need be. Mud Room pictures 1 through 10 show the construction and finished area.

The second project was to have an area to sit down and put on boots and shoes, to make use of every available space and fit it tight to the corner of the room. Hangers, shelves, and drawers and shoe racks are all put to use here. Rest Area pictures 1 through 8 show this progress, and Drawer Build pictures 1 through 5 show the drawer construction process.

The third project across from the Rest Area was to make use of the corner and be able to hang up and store shoes, boxes, vacuum cleaner, etc.

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