Spare Bedroom Clean Up

This is a spare bedroom in a basement that houses an electrical panel. We painted, installed plank linoleum flooring, replaced the light with LED and dimmer, and trimmed. This is cost effective to make a room clean and new.

It originally had stipple ceilings, common in the 1980’s that aren’t popular now, so most people request removal. We were able to use a putty knife and scrape the ceiling, and fill small imperfections with drywall mud. There are a number of things we could have done:

  1. Remove with putty knife. Only can be done if the ceiling has not been painted. It reveals all the small marks and indents in the drywall as the original installer was not that concerned with finish as it was going to be sprayed over. Finishing the ceiling drywall was necessary with our process.
  2. Sander / vacuum cleaner combo device.
  3. Cover the ceiling with drywall over the original, either directly on the original, or hanging. Hanging provides good sound proofing but cuts down on height of ceiling.

We opted for option 1. Finished product turned out well with lowest cost of material and time.

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